AssetNav Currently Helps
Customers In:

Federal, Provincial,
and Municipal Government

Water, Wastewater, Transportation, Environmental and Operations Environments

P3 and Design/Build/Operate Projects

Agriculture and Viticulture

Commercial Business

Airport Authorities


AssetNav is an easy-to-use, web-based asset information management solution that empowers municipalities to view, edit, analyze, map, and report on their Tangible Capital Assets. It is a decision making support system that provides you with customized information in the planning of your capital investments and maintenance, and also helps fulfill PSAB 3150 reporting requirements.

AssetNav assists municipalities in managing physical assets such as roads, bridges, culverts and water/sewer/storm networks, turning the data into a powerful corporate database. This database, along with flexible and easy to use reporting, provides an environment where future financial decisions are based on transparent and defensible knowledge.

Municipalities or commercial business can now produce detailed, in-house, engineering- based capital budget projections with their Tangible Capital Asset database.

AssetNav is designed to offer "30 second" or "3 click" access to the information required for 90% of your business processes.


Distinct advantages of our software:

  • Nonproprietary, "no black box", intranet/internet-delivered
  • Ability to instantly transfer both mapping and tabular results to MSOffice 2003 for reporting, further analysis, or presentation purposes
  • Simple, dynamic, and effective access to asset inventories, condition, value, performance, and level-of-service data.
  • Ability to create health reports at street-section-level, based on the condition states of all infrastructure classes, using our revolutionary spatial technology.
  • GIS-functional in locating and ad hoc mapping of assets, provided within a simple-to-use internet mapping engine.
  • Central storage of infrastructure information and the ability to aggregate infrastructure information across departments and expert systems, for a global dashboard view.
  • Ability to spatially track asset investment vs. condition over time, on both an individual asset and network basis.

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